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PF-2 The Modular Design


The PF-2 system is a modular concept according to the “building block “principle, which means that the cubicles are produced in series. In this way the modular PF-2 concept meets the highest technical standards in a rational, economically sound manner. The combination of cubicles is unlimited. Very complex diagrams of distribution and transformer switchgear can be complied through this extensive spectrum. The cubicle dimensions are very limited as the switching  occurs  in  a  SF6 insulation   medium.  The semi-compact  cubicles  are particularly beneficial if the available space should pose a problem or if it is a heavy economic consideration. Cubicles also contain all the  functional  interlocks  so that  it will be possible  to apply them

without a problem, according to all current standards, into a working place next to an important user. This will reduce capacity loss to the very 



The cubicles have been fitted with a system for pressure discharge so that the user is protected agai

nst the consequences of an internal arc.


Each cubicle consists of following compartments:


- “Bus bar compartment” (D)

- “Apparatus compartment” (C)

- “Cable compartment” (B)


- “Mechanical drive and low voltage compartment” (A)